About Belance Blockchain


So what is the idea behind Belance?

Belance is a large unique blockchain platform which combines many opportunities and connects everyone in the blockchain world. Whether you're building your new project or searching for something unique, Belance is the first platform where there are unlimited opportunities to connect and discuss with others regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Also connect with professionals to help your own project by hiring a specialist to complete a specific task within your project. Promote and advertise your own skills and specialities to clients. Ask questions on any topic related to the blockchain or become a blockchain blogger. Belance is a one stop place for everything for everyone who is interested in or connected to the blockchain world.

One of the features for you to use on Belance, which will be integrated into the platform, is the addition of a post and blog posting interface.

There are forums currently available for users on various websites. The problem with these forums is that they are mostly old and obsolete.

  • -  Such obsolete forums do not allow ease and comfort of use with regards to the use of text

    redactors and editing of posts. This limits your opportunities for announcements or discussions.

  • -  On such forums you never quite know who you talking to. What is behind the nickname of the user who is recommending you something, promoting new project or answering to your ques-

    tion? Are they a specialist, amateur or new member?

  • -  With these forums you are not benefitted for the amount of hours you spent online answering or

    asking questions or participating in discussions, therefore your opportunities are limited.

  • -  It is also difficult to find quick, transparent ‘to the point’ answers on a number of subjects and


    Belance solves these problems. It's a more modern, comfortable and easy to use option that these other available forums. We will achieve this by;
    - Allowing all users of the Belance platform the opportunity to make announcements or to write posts with more comfortable and easy to use text redactors which will make your post stand out and appear more professional. The Belance platform is creating the most unique and modern edi- tor for the moderating of posts and announcements.
    - All users of Belance have the choice to verify their account. So you will always know who you talking to or have a business relationship with. Also on the profile of users you have the opportu- nity to see all of their activities on the platform along with feedback, recommendations, posts, rat- ings and comments of users . With this addition information users have more knowledge to make a choice whether to trust a user’s input or not.
    - All of your time and activity spent on the Belance platform (comments, posts, blogs, executing works, answering of questions, even logging in etc) will be converted into points and a user rating. This rating will give you unlimited opportunities.
    - On the Belance platform you will be able to ask any questions you desire about the blockchain or cryptocurrency. Your questions and concerns will be easy to answer because of a good Web- site map ‘Questions” section. Other users can answer or comment on your question. These an- swers can be rated by other users and you can also check the rating of the responding user to assess their knowledge and experience.

    We all know about digital marketplaces and freelance marketplaces.

    There are many of these Freelance platforms around the world, however there are no freelance platforms tailored for the blockchain industry.

    With current freelance platforms around the world one can order or pay for example by using PayPal, Credit cards or other different Fiat payment methods. Users can not always pay using these methods though because of various reasons such as restrictions in their country of pay- ment or purely not having access to certain methods.....

    The fast and easy solution is to use cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, ERC20 etc) which is gaining pop- ularity and demand. Everybody has access to cryptocurrency, it's quick, transparent and easy to use. On Belance, users are able to pay each other directly. In addition however, the platform will

have the option of a ‘Secure Transaction’ for these payments between users. This option will use the Belance platform as a guarantor for the transaction with a dispute service available.

With this option of a freelance platform it will be possible for users to list and promote their own skills and work, available for hire and purchase, such as;
- Smart Contracts
- Project Designs

- Graphical Designs
- Whitepaper Designs
- Templates and many more specialities relating to the cryptocurrency and IT industry

There is no pure freelance service available for the blockchain! So we, Belance, will be the first!

The other unique useful feature of Belance is the points and rating system. Users can have a veri- fied profile and have a rating by earning points for activity on the platform. This can be earned by creating blockchain topics, providing and receiving feedback to other topics and so on. Users can use this rating as promotion for yourself with unlimited opportunities for free!

We will also have a rating system for a user’s portfolio. Completed works and client feedback on these works will create a higher rating for the user. This will give them more exposure to other po- tential clients as results for job searches on the platform will allow higher rated users to stand out above the rest.

Responsive web design

Responsive design of the website provides the user with an opportunity to use the website com- fortably and reliably on a computer, tablet and smartphone. This allows you to keep you in touch with your Belance account wherever you are.


The variety of skills to find is practically unlimited. Choose from; IT specialists, Smart Contract developers, Whitepaper writing, Website developers, Specialists in ICO, Graphic & Design, SEO, Video & Animation, Writing & Translating, Video, Animation, Logo Design, Business Cards, Con- sultants, Copywriters and many more. Select what you looking for on a user friendly platform.


Two user roles customary for most service exchanges (customer and the executor/performer) are set by default. Please note that is possible to have an account set to both of these types of user and it will be easy to switch between the two. Allowing the user to take an executor role as well as a customer role.

User interface includes:
- authorisation/registration through email, telegram (connection of other social networks is in process)
- Personal account
- Replenishment through your wallet address
- Personal messages (correspondence among platform users)
- - User rating and their score on the platform
- Status management
- Contact information and other user data
- Setting up email notifications

- Managing a list of selected users EXECUTOR ORDERS

- Executor users can search available job requests to fulfil based on speciality and additional pa- rameters.
- Users can publish jobs or finished works listed by speciality.
- Users can publish jobs with a specific time frame or budget

requirement for completion of the job.
- Users can publish jobs with the option of attaching file(s) for
example to show previous work.
- Promotion of published jobs with a promotion or boost function such as
raising and fixing their published jobs to a higher position in the list, highlighting their job and more.


- Search and select potential candidates and executors for a job.
- Receive o
ffers for a job and hold correspondence with an executor.
- Users can publish a job requirement for executors to fulfil based on speciality and a number of other parameters such as time frame and budget of job.
- Users can browse current jobs and products published by executors and waiting for a customer. - Users can publish a job requirement with attaching file(s). For example to show what type of work they are looking for.
- Customers can also promote required jobs in the same way as the executor to help fulfil their

request faster by an executor.


- Search for executors by speciality ( and region in progress) - Filter for additional parameters of selected speciality, sorting by rating, feedbacks and status
- Viewing executor’s profile: portfolio, feedback, Q&A of an executor, general and contact information.

Executor portfolio
- Placement and viewing of completed works of specialities: title, description, photos, reference, video, cost, time spent
- Possibility to set up a job for sale in the “Finished Works Shop”


Finished Works Shop is used as a noticeboard on which the executors and users can publish and advertise their work, product or project and duplicate them from a profile for other users to see and ultimately purchase directly from the users.


- List of questions by speciality and topic. Filter by solved and open questions, search by a key- word
- Possibility to ask a question on a selected speciality with auto- matching of similar questions
- Answers to questions from users, ratings of answers, selection of best answer

- Rating of leaders (best responders) by specialities FEEDBACK AND RATING

- Rating of users
- Awarding of points for filling in information in a profile
- Points for works/projects in a portfolio based on feedback
and ratings.
- Rating multiplier for use of a paid Pro account
- Points for user response to questions (Questions and Answers section)
- Points for activity on the website


- “Carousel” of users’ advertisements in the website header (on home page, users catalogue, shop, answers)
- "Stairs" of users’ advertisements on left side of the website (on home page, users catalogue, selected specialty)

- “PRO” account provides more advanced opportunities for the users
- Orders: Promotion of orders for executors and customers using the promotion functions.
- Shop: Promotion of completed work for sale by an executor using the promotion functions.


The Secure/Safe Transaction allows a users to make settlements through the website using it as a guarantor, therefore feeling more protected from possible violations from either party with regard to the obligations that they assumed. In turn, the service provides an arbitration process in the event of disputable situations.

With the Secure Transaction the customer can have reassurance that the full amount of a job would be returned to them upon poor quality of the requested product or job or other parameters not fulfilled as per the agreement. On the other hand the executor would receive the guarantee of payment upon completion of a job successfully fulfilling the agreed parameters.


- List of posts by topic, search by keyword
- Ability to add a post by selected topic: title, text, photo - - Tree-based comments on posts

Project news
- Commenting on news by users - - News filtering by tags

- Adding/editing articles by users with pre-moderation
- Commenting on articles by users
- Filtering of articles by sections and topic, voting for an article (±), display of article rating

Banner system
- Types of banners: image, flash, code, teaser
- Banner binding to section, speciality (city/region in progress) -
- Limiting of time and/or number of shows
- Detailed statistics for each banner for entire time or selected period (shows, conversions, CTR)

Website help section
- List of questions/answers on how to work with the website presented in sections and subsec- tions.
- Search for FAQ

- Form for an individual user to complete with personal help or questions.