ERC20 in tokenstore?

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Hello.. I just want to confirm wether the ERC20 in tokenstore is the New one or Old?
Thanks in Advance..

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  • Alex
    10.05.2018 в 03:06 new old
  • imaan carter carter
    21.05.2018 в 02:04
    i have noticed this as well.. the calls/ticker are diff one is (erc)=old , and (erc20)=new.
    the names are the same.
    kinda looks like the system is confused because the price listed on coinmarketcap, and etherscan are diff from exchanges.. well for the (erc) old..

    is the plan to just combine the two?
  • Yheng Potz
    10.05.2018 в 13:35
    Both new and old ERC20

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