an interesting partner for belance? "SwiftDemand " ( for team belance )

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In short, the project is a universal crypto income.

Everyday you can claim your 100 swifts, just click on the claim button and you receive them directly.
If you do not claim for 7 days it will stack, so you will have 700.
Beyond, it's lost, you still have to connect regularly.

The simplest is to launch the page on his phone and leave the id recorded, it takes really 5s per day or 5s once in the week.
The only way to get that is that dirty token and sponsorship.
Once they reach a certain number of users, they will remove the sponsorship because the goal is an EQUITABLE universal income.

For the moment we have access to swifts on the site (we can send other users on the site), but by mid 2018 when it will be 100% cryptocurrency, we can transfer them to a wallet and then sell on an exchange (no date for the exchange).

To register just a mail / tel, when it will become more popular will provide more information obviously to avoid multi-accounts.

BUT though you can not sell your swifts yet, you can buy items / services from their shop.
Basically it's users who offer their products against swifts:

For example, this MUG for 9999 swifts:

Or again this Korean shorts for 8000 swifts:

After that is my opinion but it is better not to use them and wait, although the Korean shorts are tempting

: d) The website:

: d) Total supply: 100 MM

: d) Circulating Supply: 597M

They say that over time they will distribute a little less than 100 / days until reaching the total supply so it's time to start collecting your universal income early.

i think that belance and swiftdemand has many things in common: community, mutual help, and barter of object or conpetence in token, voila, I think an aprtenariat could be done you have a common goal and you need to expand your structure both voila ;)

ps: the project is already making a lot of noise (+ 20000 account)

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