What happened with old ERC20 token?

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I have 124000 old erc20 token and when I asked for on the telegram they simply removed from the group and all of sudden, old erc20 not on idex as well. I am motivated my friends to buy as well..these people seems to be fraud!!!!!!!!!

What i am supposed to do????

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  • Yheng Potz
    28.04.2018 в 03:23
    No thier not fraud they really do thier plan and they dont know why ERC20 Got delisted on IDEX Dev ask to Idex admin why did they remove ERC20 BUT he banned them..

    They did not give any explanation and responses. They did it by their initiative.
    For the more, some of their team banned me because I asked “why ?”.

    Reply from: Alex Ownagez
    • Yheng 28 April 2018
      Oh i mean they banned him ..
  • prathap
    30.04.2018 в 16:31
    Thanks for your resonses..how do they remove me from the group for askin a question??
  • SH
    28.04.2018 в 01:32
    Nope They are not a fraud. Dont say like that. What you saying is not ture. Wait more for ERC20 Team

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