The value of bitcoin will reach 10K before the end of the month?

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The price of bitcoin has risen a lot these last days, what do you forecast for the next weeks?

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  • zevocit
    zevocit [zevociti]
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    24.04.2018 в 08:02
    Yes, I think the same as you, I am sure that the market is already recovering.
  • james
    22.04.2018 в 19:30
    It is time to buy as much as possible since the price is expected to reach 20k in the next few weeks.
  • victork
    22.04.2018 в 19:10
    definitely yes!!! already the price of bitcoin goes to the moon ...
  • mateus
    22.04.2018 в 19:23
    I think it is a correction that we are seeing, it is too early to say that the market has recovered.
    • imaan carter 23 April 2018
      i think so as well... but ive already said its gonna go down to 3k before the bulls come out to play. i have been spot on for last year and half for guessing what bitcoin is gonna be doing and when as in the price.. 3 might be much 5 for sure...
    • imaan carter 26 April 2018
      second test of the correction i beleive...
  • vladimir
    22.04.2018 в 19:16
    We have seen that Bitcoin and crypts in general are being regulated in the largest economies in the world such as the United States, Russia, South Korea and India; this will undoubtedly stop the issuance of many initial offers of fraudulent currencies (ICOs); which will attract more "institutional" money (fiat) to the cryptoactive space, boosting the capitalization market of Bitcoin and the altcoins in general.
  • Mike Coleman
    24.04.2018 в 08:10
    That is not going to happen since China is imposing strong penalties for cryptocurrencies and the house of exchange. this recovery is momentania.
  • Rigoberto Villalba
    24.04.2018 в 02:52
    I think it is too early to speculate, I am sure that in the next few days those prices will plummet.
  • camilo
    22.04.2018 в 19:59
    The Application of the Lightening Network for the BTC

    This will undoubtedly mean a greater adoption of the crypto mother by lowering the costs of
    transactions and the speed of the same, so they will return the peaks demand of this currency and other similar as in its infancy. This would suppose a much greater disruption with still incalculable reaches.
  • cenakake
    22.04.2018 в 19:44
    Oh yes, I'm sure this week will be over 10 thousand

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