Will there ever be a conversion/swap from the old ERC to the new erc20?

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I need to understand if the team are planning to run two tokens in one project or trying to merge the two tokens together for improvement purposes. There are many competitors, so, the best idea should be a decision.

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  • erc20holder
    18.04.2018 в 10:10
    Why should we keep holding old ERC20 token instead of selling right away? what is it used for?

    According dev team's plan, there is no a real swap which is
    1 old erc20 = 1 new erc20 or
    1 new erc20 = X10 old erc20 something like that..

    Instead, the offered swap calculation is based on $1 valuation. Meaningly, it is almost the same thing to sell your current old erc20 on exchange and buy new erc20 again with that amount ..

    Basen on these facts:
    1) No real swap for old erc20 - so no real value for long holders
    2) old erc20 will not be used for anywhere (am I wrong?)

    There is no formula to increase value of old erc0 token nor any formula to decrease old erc20 supply (unless there is burning for swapped tokens)

    That simply means: this old token has 0 value and worthless to hold.

    I am just trying to understand the economic model, because I am holding large base of old erc20.. if there is no way to increase value of old erc20 then I will sell all my holdings right away..

    I would really appreciate if the founder Alex answer this since other admins dont know anything and just say "we should trust dev team..they know what they are doing..bla bla"
    • Elpadrone 19 April 2018, 01:12
      The team should understand that, we are the reason this project is still going on. We can't afford loosing our investment because of their self interest development. If they turn the first move to failure, then, the second is automatically.............. Let me stop here

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