In the last hours the capitalization of the market has had a big increase?

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In the last hours all the cryptocurrencies has increased at least 20% that you believe about that? This upward trend will continue?
Finally, I arrived at the time of the moon for many cryptocurrencies or maybe what we are seeing is just an illusion of the market that will fall to the precipice at any moment?

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  • Mike Coleman
    14.04.2018 в 08:50
    it's a correction of the market! , all the capital of the market is going to collapse next week.
  • imaan carter carter
    14.04.2018 в 05:12
    there will be a greater correction dare i say 3000 for bitcoin...but that wont happen ..hahhahahaaha.
  • zevocit
    24.04.2018 в 08:05
    yes Yes, I think the same as you, I am sure that the market is already recovering.
  • Jason
    18.04.2018 в 05:30
    i believe it is very likely that we will see a new all time high this year for market cap. with investors like George Soros and the Rockefellers getting in, its only a matter of time i feel like.
  • Mary
    15.04.2018 в 06:54
    hi honey , Yes, I think that the expected time for all the cryptocurrencies arrived, let's hope that in the following days this alzist trend will continue.

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