Is this New/old?

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Hello Alex, thanks for the a thousand erc20 it's actually chilling in my account right here. I believe this is the new token right?

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  • Alex
    07.04.2018 в 10:12
    It’s new token ERC20
  • Mike Coleman
    14.04.2018 в 08:53
    last week alex deposited in all accounts balance 1k erc20 the new token.
  • Hakone30
    08.04.2018 в 21:21
    I saw on Telegram that its a the new ERC20 TOKEN
    • imaan carter 10 April 2018
      the name of the ERC20 token is "ERC20" .
      the name of the token is the same as the ether protocol standard for ether tokens. like "EOS" is an ERC20 token, ERC20 is an ERC20 token as well..
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