How far can the price of bitcoin fall?

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It is very worrying all the value that bitcoin has lost, especially so far this month, can you reach 4k, 3k, 2k before going back up? What do you think about that?

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  • Mike Coleman
    06.04.2018 в 02:10
    I guarantee that the price does not fall below 5K, in the coming months we will see how the price will rise to historical levels, will also raise the price of all altacon.
    • senorit88 8 April 2018, 15:31
      Love your optimism and funny enough that's my believe too.
    • imaan carter 23 April 2018, 08:53
      guarantee do you? we will see!!! you gonna put something on it...
  • Joebaur101 Ofem
    07.04.2018 в 09:25
    Bitcoin price can not go lower than 5k no matter what buying around that 5k to 6k should give you assurance of getting a good profit on the long run.
  • gihe
    06.04.2018 в 02:28
    I am also very worried about what may happen with bitcoin, this last week the market is very unstable.
  • Jason
    11.04.2018 в 07:06
    i think we've seen the worst of it, i dont predict it will go much lower if it does, however, it "CAN" go as low as someone is willing to sell it for, and there are many people purposefully selling off large amounts for cheap to suppress the price.
  • Crypada
    10.04.2018 в 21:54
    I don't think the price will fall past $5,800.00 usd
  • Hakone30
    08.04.2018 в 21:23
    It will not go below 5k. The question is, how big bitcoin price could reach after this bearmarket

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