Please which exchange is bequeath to use in UAE?

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I am new in this, I am in the united arab emirates,

I want to know what exchanges is bequeath here.

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  • Mike Coleman
    06.04.2018 в 02:11
    You can use the exchange you want since they all work in your country.
  • Joebaur101 Ofem
    07.04.2018 в 09:28
    I strongly advice you to use
  • Mary
    06.04.2018 в 01:09
    Hi dear, how are you ? In united arab emirates it is allowed to use a lot of exchanges, I believe that the most used there is Bitfinex and OKEx, you can start trading there without problems.
  • zevocit
    06.04.2018 в 00:45
    can you use bineace or yobit

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