What is your opinion about btc price?

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in my opinion the BTC must go down to 7500 $ once more and then it will go up to 10,000 $

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  • cyberdg619
    29.10.2019 в 03:43
    There is a possibility that it will go up but indeed I am not an expert in technical analysis. I prefer to read the condition of market psychology. The most surprising is the news about the President of China who issued a positive statement. If this continues in the realization and is followed by other countries, then I think this will support your technical analysis.
  • Vytautas Razminas
    28.10.2019 в 12:04
    Also it is possible, that BTC won't hold 7500$ or whatever 200 MA going to be, then it can go down like 5500$. And only then start rising again. But your scenario is more likely to happen;)
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