ERC20 to Belance

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I was among the top 1000 people to get the ERC20 coin swap to Belance.

My etherwallet address is: 0x8E0fc0fB92379F15Aa6d59D97399c1D00849c5Fe

Please advise when will my ERC20 Coins be swapped to Belance?

On 24th August 2019,Alex had replied back to my above query advising me that it will be done.Since it didn't come through, I had replied that it didn't happen and that I have been following on it ever since the swap was carried out for first 1000 investors.

Hello Alex, Please advise what else do I need to do to get my request actioned.


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  • Alex
    15.10.2019 в 02:50
    Done! You are welcome!
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