What the difference between old erc20 and new erc20?

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I want to know the difference between them.

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  • Mary
    04.04.2018 в 00:23
    The new token will be endowed with a gradient and very tempting features for potential investors, without a doubt the new token will be an excellent option to invest, more than the old token....
  • nakoto vanilbok
    03.04.2018 в 22:40
    the new one will have better currency coin in circulation.,
  • Jason
    01.04.2018 в 17:51
    there are none yet. if they do a swap then the difference will be in amount of total supply. for instance, a 1:1 swap wont make a difference, if they do, say, a 100:1 swap, we will each have 100x fewer tokens, worth 100x as much. I believe they are sticking with the current name though.

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