When new erc20 come in on binance?

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Road map of erc20

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  • Mary
    04.04.2018 в 00:28
    let's hope it is this year.
  • nakoto vanilbok
    03.04.2018 в 22:41
    the truth I do not believe that this happens. but there are other options and excellent exchange in which we can be in a very short time -
  • Yheng Potz
    02.04.2018 в 15:54
    Soon i think after they finished their project
  • Jason
    01.04.2018 в 18:15
    Binance is a HUGE move for a cryptocurrency. The ERC20 community would have to vote it up on a monthly contest, or the developers would have to pay an incredible amount to get listed, its better for us to focus on building up the community and winning vote competitions so we can get listed for less expensive. so the short answer is, A REALLY long time from now, UNLESS we build up the community and everyone votes for it!
  • Kamran A
    01.04.2018 в 13:42
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