different smart contract for the same token ERC20

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I've noticed two different Smart-Contact for the same token:

the true token ERC20 (https://belance.io) is listed at the exchanges "Token Store", "Kuna", "Mecratox" and are working under the smart contract : 0xc3761EB917CD790B30dAD99f6Cc5b4Ff93C4F9eA

the second token ERC20 is listed at EtherDelta, EverBloom, under the smart contract : 0x26D5Bd2dfEDa983ECD6c39899e69DAE6431Dffbb

could you please inform if 0x26D5Bd2dfEDa983ECD6c39899e69DAE6431Dffbb is a fake ?

thanks in advance and best regards,

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  • Alex
    06.11.2018 в 10:46
    0x26D5Bd2dfEDa983ECD6c39899e69DAE6431Dffbb Old smart contract and not supported team
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