What is the diffrence between new erc20 token & old Erc20 token?

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Please tell me why people should buy old erc20 token now? & What ratio will be swap with old erc20 token to new erc20 token ?

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  • Mike Coleman
    04.04.2018 в 18:13
    The new token is faster and more eye-catching for investors.
  • nakoto vanilbok
    03.04.2018 в 22:45
    The new token will be more reliable for investors.
  • Rigoberto Villalba
    03.04.2018 в 21:01
    The new token has new goals that will guarantee your success and the listing in big exchanges.
  • serkan
    01.04.2018 в 13:13
    Alt erc20 is regılar but new erc20 is exchange token and with dashboard and a new web dizayn
  • Dee Jay
    01.04.2018 в 08:56
    The old erc20 will stay as a regular token and will be traded on current exchanges where it is listed, while the newer erc20 will be used as the main token payment here in belance and can also be traded on exhanges, but is is currently working on it to request exchanges to list new erc20.
  • Aidan Sowa
    01.04.2018 в 01:34
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