Erc20 on coinbase?

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I heard Coin base might pick up erc20, what are your thoughts ? And why would they do that?
Is erc20 token just one token or many different tokens?

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  • Rigoberto Villalba
    03.04.2018 в 20:48
    that is the greatest wish of all, perhaps that stupidity is not very far away.
  • Wata Malon
    30.03.2018 в 16:58
    That would be great if they do it. I hope they do that soon.
    However, ERC-20 is a kind of technology. Coinbase announced mentioning ERC-20 doesn't mean this specific token.
    There a tonne of ERC-20 tokens out there (including ERC20). :D
  • nakoto vanilbok
    03.04.2018 в 22:47
    someday dear , i hope that. :D
  • Jason
    01.04.2018 в 17:26
    ERC20 Is the first STANDARDIZED format for tokens on the Etherium blockchain. same way we have standard sizes for screws nuts and bolts, so our tools fit them accordingly. ERC20 is the first standardized code for tokens, there are MANY ERC20 tokens now, meaning there are many different tokens developed by the same standards, so they can work with the same tools. OUR ERC20 TOKEN was named after the ERC20 standard for tokens, IT was originally to be an INDEX of top performing tokens on the ERC20 standard, which there are ALOT of now. Coinbase can add support for ERC20 format and that would technically set them up for ANYTHING that comes out as ERC20 standard. Can have NOTHING to do with our tokens we invested in.
  • Kamran A
    01.04.2018 в 13:44
    It is not about the specific erc20 token. Is talking about erc20 supported tokens and there are many in the cryptocurrency market.
  • John
    01.04.2018 в 04:08
    I understand ripple is a part of the erc20 system. Does anyone know for sure if that is true?
    • Jason 1 April 2018, 17:29
      Ripple is not even a part of Etherium. ERC20 is a standard for Etherium tokens.
  • Aidan Sowa
    01.04.2018 в 01:35
    it is highly unlikely unless we get into top 50

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