Even working hard to develop its features, why price is not stable and more speculative?

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Price of ERC20 token manupulated by somebody?

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  • nakoto vanilbok
    03.04.2018 в 22:54
    the price will stabilize as soon as the new token comes out.
  • Rigoberto Villalba
    03.04.2018 в 20:55
    these last months has not been good for the crypto coins, let's wait for the end of the year this vallla
  • Mary
    04.04.2018 в 00:32
    unfortunately that is normal in the contracts of ethereum, but always hope that this does not continue happening, I have to remain confined in our...
  • Jason
    01.04.2018 в 17:15
    Well a market in essence is just a bunch of people buying and selling things, so its always being worked in one way or another. As far as malicious manipulation or price suppression, i would say for bitcoin and the whole crypto market, YES, its being manipulated and suppressed so very wealthy people can satiate their greed even further, thus posing an opportunity for us to buy for super low prices before they pump the market back up. In my opinion, thats whats happening on a large scale, not ERC20 directly.
  • Kamran A
    01.04.2018 в 13:48
    The price is not manipulated . The market cap from january 600b has lost half its market cap 300b less this causes all coins even bitcoin to decrease as people are mass selling other coins due to fear in the market.
  • Aidan Sowa
    28.03.2018 в 21:19
    look at the current market cap and you would underestand. It is extremely undervalued, all it takes is a couple btc

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