HELP - General questions about the 2 contract addresses?

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Hi someone please help. I tried to send some erc20 I have to kuna but never got it.

Asked support and they basically came back with saying I send it to the wrong contract.

So here is what I found,

Contract 1 -
This is what Kuna said the contract was for the erc20 listed on their exchange. They also say this is the one on coinmarket cap. I checked and it is correct.

Contract 2 -
This is what I have.

1. Whats the value of each?
2. Which one can I trade? and where (exchanges)?
3. The second one ending in bb - shows some value ($0.91 at the time of writing) on etherscan but the one ending in ea does not show anything - any idea what that is?
5. etherdelta shows my token but the value is extremely low compared to whats listed
6. token store has both erc old and erc new and the new is listed at a much higher price but it is nowhere close to whats explained in this post

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