I do not receive new coins , although i have sent all coins to the address you have written?

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I do not receive new coins, although I have sent all coins to the address you have written.

I have sent 1373185.06044804 coins to your address 4-5 days ago, but have not got any new coins. What is a problem? Is it a fraud?

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  • sayyidkaelani01
    19.07.2018 в 23:10
    3 steps to make swap from old ERC20 to a new ERC20:

    1. Buy new ERC20 ( on available exchanges) and transfer them to your wallet.

    2. Your old ERC20 transfer from your wallet to wallet address for swap.


    3. Don’t sell your new ERC20 tokens till finish the swap. And wait when we will send you the same amount of new ERC20 to your wallet.
  • Yheng Potz
    25.07.2018 в 12:09
    The swap is still on going pls waitbwhen swap is done and dev will distribute it to all who swapped
  • Zolt Bagdi
    20.07.2018 в 20:46
    Ive sent tokens to the swap address as well 34 days ago and still no sign my newly swapped erc20 tokens.
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