Issues with swapping old ERC20 to new ERC20?

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From what i have read, I need to swap my old ERC20 to the new ERC20 by sending my old ERC20 to one of these addresses:


Why are there three different ones? Why do i have to pay for new ERC20 to receive my swap of old ERC20? Is there a better/safer way to swap?

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  • sayyidkaelani01
    19.07.2018 в 23:09
    To avoid dumping of new token, rate will be 1:4000 since price of 2 tokens is to much different. This swap can make who wants, mostly will be interested people who really believe in the future of long term of ERC20, Belance and future projects like Exchange and etc.
  • Alex
    10.07.2018 в 02:09
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