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Swap old ERC to new ERC20?

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Hi, I have 1250 OLD ERC, I would like to swap them to get new ERC20. can you help me?

According to the exchange rate (1250/4000) I should get 0.3125 ERC20, right?

thank you

Answers 1

  • Chris Sison
    06.07.2018 в 07:28
    Yes you are correct. Basically rate for swap is 1:4000 (NEW:OLD)

    you should buy 0.3125 NEW ERC20 and transfer them to your wallet.
    Then send all your OLD ERC20 to smart contract address for swap. 0x9AABC792478ca988c45d2C762c5e4265cb5bE39c
    And wait when we will check it and send you 0.3125 NEW ERC20 more.
    Totally you will have 0.625 NEW ERC20 after the swap.
    • [andreiandrai] 6 July 2018, 21:25
      I`ve sent 2000 Erc20 from 0x26d5bd2dfeda983ecd6c39899e69dae6431dffbb contract address to 0x9AABC792478ca988c45d2C762c5e4265cb5bE39c , how long it will take to show the new erc into my ethwallet ?

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