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What does swap mean?

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What does swap mean..
im confused, honestly you say you never asked for money before, true.
but with this swap aka having to purchasing your new erc20 to make the swap or "bogo"" thats not the correct word either.
lets se if i can wrap my head arround this.......twinkle twinkle little erc20(erc), in my eye, what a great idea ohh my,,,,i must buy....erc20(erc) bought,, but what happen to the shine. regulated, ohh thats fine ;no nevermind, lol, no never shined. whats this in your behind" Its (erc)OLDerc20. is that what happen to the shine? hmm good qeustion......answer: due to regulations on shine we will be getting rid of it,, due to the regulations on shine your fucked, due to the regulations on shine, we will be offering shineless erc20. and maybe we will swap 1 for 1 or 1 for 1000....or maybe not...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . funny you guys are awesome
lets do some math
i spent arround $100 american for the 168,000 erc20(erc)
i was so happy took a while to get that money ill spare you the starving details..(love you kids). then the project is shutting down... snifffles.....
new plan, i love it and a swap this is gonna be great because there was never ico and they have never asked for any money or what not.....
sounds good ....sounded good before the swap became a paid swap..
how does that work you say we purchase new erc20 and you will match whatever we buy,, sounds like buy one get one,, take the swap.

if it is to be fair maybe the community should of had a vote on it..
or stop sugar coating shit........tell it how it is.

old erc is old erc and you can trade 4000 of them for 1 erc20 new(erc20) plus whatever the price is of that said token...

or you can keep your old erc20 token and let it ride like the rest....
or you can just purchase new erc20 and have both....
or maybe you can buy one new erc20 token and do the swap hmmmmmm....
idk but honestly its brilliant and im simple minded american. so im gonna swap some of my old for new,,,,and just buy some of both
thats not fomo...............unless i waite for the price to go up.....

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  • Alex
    Alex [ownageEX] pro
    Best answer
    05.07.2018 в 20:46
    Swap token 1 new erc20 = 4000 old erc20. OPTIONAL !!
    - NEW ERC20(ERC20) token is new additional token for Belance blockchain platform
    - OLD ERC20(ERC) token will continue to be traded on current exchanges!!!
    - CoinMarketCap and EtherScan still going through update for both tokens

    - OLD ERC20(ERC) token will continue to be supported by our team!!

    - Please read the disclaimer carefully before any disscussion

    - All old ERC20 totally hold only holders

    - New token is created to support development of Belance blockchain platform and both tokens old and new (development, listings on exchanges, adv, marketing and so forth).
    • [asif2love] 6 July 2018, 05:16
      please tell me how to swap my wallet 2500 show blance 1600 usd but not sll to no show exchange old erc token so how to solve it please
    • Yheng 6 July 2018, 08:48
      #About Swap:


      It will be entirely each holder’s personal choice and decision on whether they wish to swap their OLD ERC20 TOKEN to a new one or not.

      3 steps to make swap from old ERC20 to a new ERC20:

      1. Buy new ERC20 ( on available exchanges) and transfer them to your wallet.

      2. Your old ERC20 transfer from your wallet to wallet address for swap.


      3. Don’t sell your new ERC20 tokens till finish the swap. And wait when we will send you the same amount of new ERC20 to your wallet.

      Details regarding steps for swap:

      For swap buy new ERC20 as much as you want to receive more.

      Basically rate for swap is 1:4000

      “ So for example if you have 1.000.000 old ERC20 and you want swap them to a new one. Then regarding the steps for swap and rate you should buy 250 NEW ERC20 and transfer them to your wallet. And after send your all OLD ERC20 to smart contract address for swap. And wait when we will check it and send you 250 NEW ERC20 more.
      Totally you will have 500 NEW ERC20 after the swap”

      To avoid dumping of new token, rate will be 1:4000 since price of 2 tokens is to much different. This swap can make who wants, mostly will be interested people who really believe in the future of long term of ERC20, Belance and future projects like Exchange and etc.
      We wrote about new token a long time so you had time to think about it.
      We did not made any private sales and ICO.
      So it’s the most fairly and justly way since tokens has different supply, price and other important parameters.

      If you don’t want to make a swap or you don’t like the conditions of the swap then hold, trade or sell (price not changing for a long time) old ERC20 as usual and like you did before. You have time and you had time to think and etc.
      So no need to write hate or annoying the chat with negativity. Nobody is forcing you to do anything and never did.
    • imaan carter 8 July 2018, 04:36
      if i was to "swap" tokens, would i have to swap all of them or could i do a portion of them...

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