What exchanges listed old ERC20 tokens?

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I have 1250 old erc20 tokens and ethplorer says 1250 old erc20 tokens worth 812$ ! I click on erc20 symbol on ethplorer and i saw this contract address : 0x26D5Bd2dfEDa983ECD6c39899e69DAE6431Dffbb and ethplorer says one old erc20 price is 0,6$ !
What is wrong with that?

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  • Chris Sison
    06.07.2018 в 07:43
    At the moment, there are updates being made due to the new project.

    Contract address of ERC20 OLD (soon to be renamed as Belance)

    Contract address of ERC20 NEW

    Price of 2 tokens is much different. There's ongoing process of update on coinmarketcap and blockchain the reason for misleading info, as of the moment.

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