I have some ERC20 from Etherdelta?

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I have some ERC20 purchased in Etherdelta, apparently they are the Old ERC20 ,
How can this be possible to have 2 versions of the same token selling at different price ?
Is there a way to swap my Old for the NEW ERC20 ?

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  • Alex
    17.06.2018 в 03:45
    NEW ERC20 https://forkdelta.github.io/#!/trade/0xc3761eb917cd790b30dad99f6cc5b4ff93c4f9ea-ETH
    OLD ERC20 https://forkdelta.github.io/#!/trade/ERC20-ETH
    • [luisvilera] 17 June 2018
      What do I do with the OLD ERC20, Can they be swap for New ERC20???/

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