Listing on new exchange?

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Hi ERC20 team,
This is Sebastian from, we are a crypto-currency exchange offering token/fiat trading, which is very handy for Chinese crypto-investors to buy and sell crypto currencies. We are looking to cooperate with more valuable projects and we provide free listing and joint marketing. Please let me know if your team is interested in developing market shares and I look forward to hearing from you.


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  • Alex
    15.06.2018 в 03:39

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for info. What do you mean by developing market shares ? And what you need from us to proceed listing on your exchange ?

    Best regards,
    • [support] 15 June 2018
      Hi Alex,
      I meant to help with ERC20 to get public awareness and recognition. We have a project review document for your team to fill up and we will discuss with you about our free listing policy.
      My Email is, please send me an email so I could reply with our document.
    • Umesh 15 June 2018
      I think you are scammer ERC20 tokens

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