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Whats the difference between the old and the new erc20?
Do we need to swap it or it depends on us? (Is there some regulations about changing it or it really depends solely on us?)
Is the price of both token the same or it changed?
How do we know that we are trading the OLD ERC20 and not the NEW one?

And most of all.


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  • Alex
    17.06.2018 в 03:59
    More about new token ERC20
    Nowadays exchanges becoming every day more and more demanding and project need become more serious, have lawyers , professional social media and etc and for all this big team is needed ( all this cost money and had expenses every month ).

    Also listings on exchanges becoming more and more expensive and hard every day - so project need a few people to send requests every day and deal with exchanges.

    Also new decentralized Exchange is need financial support ( marketing, advertising, updates, social media, salary for crew which will work on Exchange )

    As we have indicated to you on earlier dates, we were add additional new ERC20 token because of necessary reasons and opening our platfrom Belance.

    Also one of this reasons is that we need investments in Belance platform, future Exchange and more future projects - our main dev no longer can do it only by himself and from his own pocket and it’s not right, not fair and doing this for all holders is great ingratitude as we all see.

    So he decided to think about to except investments for project from 100 BTC. - it’s an answer to why is total supply is big.

    Not big amount of new ERC20 for 20-30 ETH by market rate will be selling once a month for necessary expenses for development Belance and new Exchange for cryptocurrency.

    New ERC20 is payment method for Belance platform and Exchange.
    Listing fees on Exchange and some payment services on Belance will excepting in new ERC20 - which will make price of new ERC20 higher- which is basically is answer to a question “why price on new ERC20 will grow”

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