Exchange that listed new ERC20?

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First exchange that listed new ERC20 is
TokenStore ETH/ERC20 BTC/ERC20
ForkDelta ETH/ERC20!/trade/0xc3761eb917cd790b30dad99f6cc5b4ff93c4f9ea-ETH

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  • oluyemistef
    16.06.2018 в 12:45
    How do I know am buying/selling the old coin from the new one?
  • samialiuk
    13.06.2018 в 09:51
    what i can do with old erc20?
    • Alex pro 13 June 2018
      You can swap or trade old erc20 in forkdelta and token store
    • How can I swap the olds erc20 to new erc20?
    • [samialiuk] 16 June 2018
      Please tell us how can we swap?

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