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About ERC20 SWAP can anyone suggest a ratio?

The question is resolved
Can anyone suggest here a fair ratio about swap and to be risky to dumpers? I know 1:40.000 was not good we need a fair ratio

1:1 is not a good ratio since dumper can dump it after swap

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  • Farouq Yousaf
    20.05.2018 в 03:12
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  • Jake
    17.05.2018 в 21:08
    Atleast a 1:10000
    • Yheng 18 May 2018, 19:16
      They made 1:4.000 and its final
    • Adri 20 May 2018, 18:00
      If the rate for swap is 1:4000
      Then 1.000.000 old ERC20 will be 25 new ERC20

      On the time of the announcement last Friday, 1 old ERC20 was approximately 0.000000200 ETH

      Value of 1.000.000 old ERC20 = 0.200 ETH
      Value of 25 new ERC = 0.025 ETH

      This is almost 10 x less
    • [santiagolertora] 5 September 2018, 17:55
      I follow the process and transfer all my erc20 old tokens to mercatox, and then i buy new erc and then i transfer to the contract 0x9AABC792478ca988c45d2C762c5e4265cb5bE39c
      and i received a part and the secnd transaction im still waiting im fear to transfer the rest since 1 of three transactions where swappeddoes anybody know?

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