What will the swap ratio be?

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Erc20 just released a statement mentioning a swap. What will the ratio be? Anything more than 100:1 would be outrageous.

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  • Jake
    16.05.2018 в 21:27
    Outrageous information Nahas just been release as I expected. The developers continue to say don’t say anything negative about the new swap or u will be banned but ther is nothing positive to say about this at all. So I guess I’ll be banned. They also insisted you hold if you don’t like the 1:40000 ridiculous ratio . WHY WOULD ANYONE HOLD OLD ERC20 if it will never bring in more value. And the developers clearly only are concerned with the new shit coin. It would be nice to get a response from a developer . But they only respond to message like . Where can I buy? Anything that bring themselves more profit.
  • Adri
    20.05.2018 в 17:58
    In the Telegram message they talk about a rate swap of 1:4000

    If the rate for swap is 1:4000
    Then 1.000.000 old ERC20 will be 25 new ERC20

    On the time of the announcement of last Friday, 1 old ERC20 was approximately 0.000000200 ETH

    Value of 1.000.000 old ERC20 = 0.200 ETH
    Value of 25 new ERC = 0.025 ETH

    This is almost 10 x less

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