Exchange that listed new ERC20

First exchange that listed new ERC20 is
TokenStore ETH/ERC20 BTC/ERC20
ForkDelta ETH/ERC20

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  • samialiuk
    [samialiuk] 13.06.2018 am30 09:40
    i have old erc20 what i can do with them?
    Alex [ownageEX] pro 13.06.2018 pm30 13:23
    You can swap or trade old erc20 in forkdelta and token store
  • mainermaker
    [mainermaker] 21.07.2018 pm31 14:31
    Hey. Tell me, I have tokens with code 0x26d5bd2dfeda983ecd6c39899e69dae6431dffbb on my balance sheet. are these old tokens or are these the same I can sell?
  • asephoir7
    [asephoir7] 25.07.2018 pm31 22:56
  • Phung Huynh Ngoc
    Phung Huynh Ngoc [Phungmobile] pro 18.02.2019 pm28 23:28
    Trao đổi DEXStable
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