Why Ethereum Price Always Down?

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Hello world, I have a question.
I had 2 years ago on Cryptocurrency, but I don't understand about, why is the price of ethereum to usd or the price of bitcoin down? even go down and stay there.
whereas many today every ICO project is launched with ERC2.0 or ethereum and I don't understand, do investors not want to lose? by buying a new ICO? then why does the ICO that uses too much ethereum payment have an effect on the price of ethereum itself? so I think they, developers, teams and investors don't want to lose any of their projects. then they dare to reduce and sell ethereum assets below at a cheap price?
I was very impressed with the rapid development of blockchain technology.
but I am very sorry, why does the ICO project that uses ethereum payments, when it enters the market, the price exceeds the price of ethereum itself?
I want ethereum to return to the way it used to be. hopefully...

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