In which altcoin do you advise me to invest? no token please?

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I have days looking for a good option to invest, a new project that is good, and safe to invest, please advise me.

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  • Rigoberto Villalba
    07.04.2018 в 04:44
    Our biggest favorites for this year are Ripple, which is touted as a new type of payment system for banks, along with lesser-known names like Tron, Stellar and Cardano. good luck in your investments.
  • Mary
    07.04.2018 в 19:19
    I advise you to spend your investments in projects with good market capitalization that have a nice page, wallet, and a team of professionals.
  • Mike Coleman
    14.04.2018 в 08:56
    at this moment the best option to invest in IOTA and NEM since the next week they go to the moon. invest!
  • Jason
    08.04.2018 в 18:12
    This is not investment advice, however, I personally go for things that i see being utilized and widely adopted.
    I ask
    what are the people saying about its technology?
    and not just the people invested and hyping it up
    what kind of security do they have against failing?
    IE. partnerships with governments or billion dollar companies.

    everyone will be quick to tell you to buy what they have,
    and thats great, but there are definitely some big
    game changing moves being made (especially in South Korea, *wink wink* look up ICON)
  • Afrizal Sec
    08.04.2018 в 04:43
    I suggest you review Oysterprotocol (PRL) the holder of PRL token will Get new SHELL token project
  • Joebaur101 Ofem
    07.04.2018 в 09:15
    It will be advisable to invest in a privacy coin like Verge(xvg) plus they have a big partnership coming up on 17th of April and it will make it a real world use coin.
  • Dee Jay
    07.04.2018 в 09:08
    i suggest, you review ripple, it a good coin that will be a great asset in the near future
  • chipk
    07.04.2018 в 05:40
    Feathercoin is the best!
  • yeyum Bolh
    07.04.2018 в 04:36
    Ripple and Nen is a good option.
  • Saker
    07.04.2018 в 04:17
    EOS and BNB
    also Neo & gas if China removes the ban on crypto
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