Belance blochain and ERC20

Guys here is the link for the beta testing of our platform, Belance.

It is not the official opening or release. I am just giving you access to try it for yourself.
If you want you can test it and look around.

Documentation about the platform we will send later today. So please don’t ask questions regarding the documentation about the platform. We will post it soon.
For now you have opportunity to see the platform.

A lot of work to do before official opening of the Belance platform, but you have opportunity to see updates and growth of the platform online. While we are working on the text, design, SEO, typos, bugs and etc!

Also I will credit all account on Belance for 1000 ERC20 if you will register there and try all functionality and opportunities.

All your questions will increase our time for updates of the platform.
So please don’t ask questions. Please wait for more updates which will follow soon and for now you can test our Belance platform. Documentation for you about Belance platform will be released soon. Also new website for the ERC20 token itself is coming soon.

For feedback, bugs and suggestions please only write to us on the Belance platform (not in the chat) at

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