Future of Ethereum?

The Ethereum has been through a lot of rough times this year. The Ethereum, which declined from the level of $ 300 to $ 85, is among the market's most heavily hit coins.

The decline in the market affected most investors in the crypto currency market as well as Ethereum investors. Many investors want to learn about the future of Ethereum, and to comment on the future of Ethereum.

We can say that Ethereum network will sign quite different developments next year. Ethereum developers have been working on a hard fork they have called Constantinople for a while. There is also a significant increase in Ethereum's worldwide initiatives.

According to some experts, these developments can be very beneficial for Ethereum. Joseph Lubin, one of the founders of the Ethereum, believes that the crypto money market now sees the bottom, and that it will rise again.

Still, there are names who think Ethereum's future isn't too bright. As mentioned above, the crypto money market suffered a major blow during this year, and ICO, decentralized application (dAPP) sectors were also affected.

These sectors play a critical role for Ethereum because one of the most attractive aspects of the Ethereum network is its advantages in these areas. According to Alex Kruger, one of the crypto currency analysts, the number of ICOs and miners must rise again in order for Ethereum to rise again:

”ICOs, miners and some funds; these are already natural sellers. They put downward pressure on the price. ETH does not currently have a natural recipient. To be successful, he needs someone to come to the system and get re-entangled. For this reason, I think the decline he is experiencing for the moment is very normal. ”

Ethereum continues to be the second largest crypto currency on the market despite the challenging process this year. We will see exactly what projects Ethereum developers plan for next year will contribute to Ethereum and ETH price.

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