Ethereum Will Pass Bitcoin in April 2018!

Ethereum (ETH) will pass Bitcoin in April 2018 but how long will that last? Why April? How will Ethereum overtake bitcoin?
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  • Arnold Atillo
    Arnold Atillo [arnoldatillo] 07.04.2018 am30 04:09
    Who said that. I don't think so. Just an imagination. A child will just follow his father. Bitcoin is that father off all his children which is the altcoins. Good luck to that. If ethereum will be on top and Bitcoin will be 2nd then possible the value will be less than $100.
    gihe [gihe] 12.04.2018 am30 02:18
    nothing is impossible in this life, I believe that the future of bitcoin will not be as successful as the future of ethereum since bitcoin is created for a very small group of people, for normal people it will be impossible to invest in bitcoin, it is that is why the price of bitcoin is only supported by the big corporations and whales that have millions of dollars invested, normal people do not even have an inverted bitcoin, since it is not profitable.
  • andrew
    andrew [Andrew] 18.04.2018 am30 04:44
    Nothing can reach btc
  • Dominic123
    Dominic123 [gil_liriano] 20.04.2018 am30 10:44
    A lot of completion is coming for Sthereum, maybe better platform, so do not count on this
  • Agavriloaie Marius
    Agavriloaie Marius [contact] 09.05.2018 pm31 19:10
    I do not think Ethereum can pass bitcoin in 2018.... but in long term i think is possible
  • michaelvadal
    [michaelvadal] 30.01.2019 am31 02:15
    Ethereum might out pass bitcoin price. The reason is, ETH has way a lot more companies/ICO's that are using their services. The fees are way lower than bitcoin as well. If we look at the usage, although bitcoin is the father of all crypto currency, but ETH usage has boomed over the past few years.
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