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How can I buy ERC20 tokens?

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How can i buy ERC20 tokens? Do I need to send ETH to:

Contract Address:

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  • Rigoberto Villalba
    03.04.2018 в 20:43
    now the best exchange is INDEX
  • Dominic123
    29.03.2018 в 05:42
    you can buy from an exchange (etherdelta or forkdelta), however first you have to buy Ethereum and then trade them for ERC20 tokens
  • pineapplehouse
    29.03.2018 в 23:06
    You can't buy the new erc20 tokens for now and no ICO will be going to happen but you can buy the old contract erc20 0x26d5bd2dfeda983ecd6c39899e69dae6431dffbb and wait for the swap.
  • Mary
    04.04.2018 в 00:30
    You can use the different available exchanges, such as etherdelta, forkdelta, index etc and soon new ones will arrive.
  • Kamran A
    01.04.2018 в 13:46
    You cam buy on few exchanges but for trading noobs idex is user friendly and great to trade on.
  • Aidan Sowa
    01.04.2018 в 01:37
    You can buy it from idex, iquant, fork delta and token store.
  • Wata Malon
    28.03.2018 в 20:50
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